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February 8th: I've barely uploaded the Surveillance State UK web and on the news today there's mention of Police informants and whether they are worth the £ (twenty million British pounds/squid :) paid to them over 5 years and one quarter of that not inconsiderable amount paid out by our (London) Metropolitan Police. I wonder whether someone like my neighbour(s) comes under the umbrella of 'informant' or would they be categorised as something else? I'd classify them as fu*cking deplorable sadistic c*nts. They have a much greater role than mere informant so should be paid whatever the going rate is for helping in the destruction of a persons life. Is there a pro-rata rate for Organised Stalking and harassment?

February 14th: We move one step closer to a Stasi state as potential Whistleblowers and Journalists giving evidence for the public good could now receive a prison sentence of up to 14 years. The new draconian law has been sneaked in eel like so woe betide anyone who shines a much needed light on corruption or illegal activities perpetrated by the Police, Security Services, Government or anyone else abusing their powers and very likely getting away with their abuse. Read more at the Guardian newspaper online
I am hacked off with all those organisation/media outlets that pride themselves on being spokespersons for Liberty, Truth, Human Rights and Freedom of Speech yet take a vow of SILENCE on Organised Stalking and Harassment. I can't tell you how fucking frustrating this and I'm sure I speak on behalf of every genuine person being hounded and harassed daily by the regime organised by our Police/Security Services/? Is it down to useless journalists or a dictat from the Boss man? I may not be deemed worthy of a thorough investigation into O.S.H. though contradictarily do possibly provide some of the better evidence that this sinister programme exists but look elsewhere if it will help. Go to page 9, see whether any of my links help

February 17th:
Having this, my new super duper website up 'n' running I thought I should get some spiffing new business cards to occasionally hand out and be ignored as ever.  I spent some time last night designing one card and then realised the size was incorrect and once I resized it looked out of proportion so started again copying over bits I could reuse into a fresh new Photoshop blank canvas and decided after a few hours of work it looked too busy. I started afresh and simplified things and was happy with my new design below and have now ordered via Ebay 500 to be printed. I did hand out two of my business cards about four days ago. I was riding home from my sleepover and was close to home when two girls looked at me and their faces showed complete disgust and something was said between them as I walked past. I regularly feel as though I have the appearance of the elephant man but know it's not my appearance that causes the disgust. I stopped and picked out two of my cards and rode after them. They had stopped under a bridge in Queens Road Peckham and I asked them to please take a card each as they may learn the truth. They did and didn't spit at me or throw the cards down in front of me. Did they visit my web? Did they visit the part on Organised stalking? I also signed up with Twitter via my newer lapop. Twitter recognises me on the old one so I was pleased it didn't on the new. I gave my full name which appears on my new Twitter page as does my username @trulyf_cked

surveillance state uk business card
my spiffing new business card in classy black or should that be deathly dark? Haven't received them yet but was sent a low q proof by the printer and I gave the nod so hope they'll print well. It's far less cluttered than my first two attempts and I'm happy with it. A cop car was parked headlights on a few nights ago as I exited the flat for my sleepover and if I'd had the new cards would have handed a few over. I would have mentioned how I do respect the police believing they are in the main doing a very good job. I would also ask was it really necessary to destroy my life. I'd then hand over the cards telling them to look up my new web if they're feeling a bit down or they've had a shitty day as this will surely pick them up and have them in stitches.
UPDATE: Have received the cards and they aren't all that. The words under 'Surveillance State Uk .org are unreadable and the ones in the column on the right are also a tad difficult to read being so small. Looked OK in Photoshop though :) Will have to go for minimalism for my next card and increase the size of the fonts on the left

 Received my first visitor to today (17th feb 2017). I would break open a bottle of Bolly but as I'm skint I'll have a nice cuppa instead. The visitor was from Tel Aviv Israel.
18th February:  left the flat for my nightly sleepover in the car which either has a tracker secretly installed or the tracker is inside me ;) I say this because at least once each night wherever I park - and I don't park locally - the usual insults that I receive from passers by calling up to the flat or as I cycle around London are also hurled my way as I sleep in the car. The car has been my sleepover for about 3-4 weeks and I'd rather take my chances in the car than in the flat where I know my sleep is targeted nightly by those living in the flat below and has been ever since I moved in over three years ago and I KNOW the 'family' (yes, a family ffs) are actively taking part in the harassment, monitoring and sleep depriving tactics and have to be getting paid or rewarded for their daily and nightly efforts by their masters (the Police?). Reading this you will no doubt think I sound unhinged or paranoid at best.  It sounds crazy to me but it's all true and time may eventually prove me correct. Hopefully I'll be around to see them (very much doubt anyone other than bottom dwellers/foot soldiers) charged for their deplorable invasion of privacy breaches (again thanks to the cops?), daily and nightly harassment and sleep depriving 'fun'.
    No-one should know I have the car. I deliberately don't park locally for that reason and one or two others. It has tinted windows and I cover the front two seats so people can't see in through the windscreen or driver and passenger side windows and yet a) people know I have the car and have an uncanny ability of knowing where I park it to sleep so can shout their insults. I presume the Police are responsible for informing those taking part in Organised stalking and harassment where the car is any given night and give the foot soldiers - and those in cars - my or its location in order for my stalkers and harassers to do their bit.
Listening to a few Youtube videos as I type. The first was made by 'jesus christ' no less! I'm truly honoured. It was obvious the guy was a disinfo troll because of his description on those claiming to be victims or targets of Organised Stalking/Harassment. His video is here

jesus christ - the second coming? No just another youtube disinfo troll
the second video is a little longer - by about 3 hours 10 mins and is a Q&A with radio host Ella F. The main focus is on someone I believe could well be a genuine target and her name is Debra. Haven't listened to all the video - did I mention it's over three hours long - but a few of the callers did alert my inbuilt bullshit meter so as with Youtube, radio talk show hosts will also receive a fair share of disinformation types. Debra, to me at least does sound Kosher. Can't vouch for the rest of the callers. The Ella F video is here
25th Feb 17: is officially as popular as myself or the plague. Not one visitor since that stray one a while back. I've updated it today and yesterday by removing the pictures that were my text made in Photoshop which I know search engines aren't too pleased about. Search engines don't have feelings but you know what I mean. Pictures now removed, hopefully some people may now get to read my experiences with the secret state of Britain and the weird and sinister world of organised stalking and harassment
26th Feb 17: looking at a few more Youtube videos and find Sarah Grant's channel. She talks such shit I can't help but feel she's a disinformationer. That or just a crank. Her channel is here
Sarah Grant Youtube channel. Disinformation or nutjob?
I'm breaking open the tea caddy again to celebrate my second visitor. Whoopee. He/she or online bot visited my site from Miami Florida. Page 3 was apparently the only page viewed so take from that what you will
27th Feb 2017: I received a few emails some weeks back (my inbox not this site) informing me of a protest that will take place outside BBC's famous home Broadcasting House just off Regent Street in Portland and Langham Place. The protest will be about Organised Stalking and Harassment and I was invited to come. I had worries about this. How does one get across to Joe and Joanne public the reality of Organised stalking without coming across as paranoid nutjobs? Who would be there. Will disinformationers in the guise of pretending to be targets turn up and make a near impossible task of convincing the people passing by IMPOSSIBLE? I thought the protest was tomorrow but was wrong as there's a video up on Youtube of the unsurprisingly small turnout. Watching the video I'm quite certain there won't be any converts to our cause and I'm sure the Police and any other organisation involved with the harassment won't be overly troubled by it wondering whether those that do take part or don't speak out about it will be found out. The sole speaker with the loudhailer might well be genuine but talking about helicopters following targets around up to three times a day, voice to skull technology (does exist), satellites helping our harassers follow and harass and torture us (how does anyone know whether this is at all possible?) will be too much to take in for the lay person. Sirens being started close to your home regularly by cops or ambulances might be true but it's very difficult to believe. Voice to skull and other sound or sinister and scary as well as dangerous electronic harassment technologies are available but will be over the head (pardon any attempt at a pun) of the average person on the street. Frankly anyone trying to get the message across about the programme that organised stalking and harassment is, is on a hiding to nothing. I applaud the attempt and will keep my fingers crossed something comes of it but should anyone look up 'gangstalking' or 'targeted individuals' on Youtube as suggested by the speaker then we will very probably stay well and truly fucked because of the disinfo/misinfo/loons...

Feb 28th 2017: another Youtube video, this time by a young guy - Steve Lilly. In this video he offers up 'mind blowing footage' though I do wonder whether Steve's mind is actually blown or whether he's a Spook stooge. He mentions seeing a Psychiatrist and I get the feeling he sees a shrink on a regular or fairly regular basis. He doesn't state why he sees one in this video and I wonder whether he explains in any others. I can't dismiss his credibility purely on his seeing a shrink occasionally. I was nearly sectioned back in late summer 2012 so understand how one being targeted can lead to a meeting with those working in the mental health sphere and for the Police this could and probably will be used as evidence against you at some point. Unfortunately I hadn't learnt about organised stalking and harassment back then and if I had, would have dealt with the three years of sleep deprivation, noise campaigns and more inexplicable weirdness (it was inexplicable at the time but have since learned of certain technologies which could explain things such as see-through walls radar or just plain old hidden cameras) differently. Ah, the benefit of hindsight and knowledge.
  But I digress. What Steve offers up as 'mind blowing' proof is anything but. Judge for yourself by watching the video here
Youtuber Steve Lilly with his mind blowing footage of gangstalking
Steve doesn't offer any more mind blowing footage in this next video but the subject of it does confirm he's highly deluded or a disinformationer. That doesn't rule out he might be a target for organised stalking. Bloodlines, extra-terrestrials, reptilian shapeshifters all get mentioned. I will say I did find the death of British paranormal investigator Max Spiers suspicious but his death does not mean extra terrestrials etc are here on planet earth! BTW, I don't have any interest in UFO's or the Paranormal, fascinating as it might be if I were to delve into it.
5th March 2017: Was looking up a guy on Facebook (Andy Lewis) and typed into Google targetedindividualsuk facebook which normally gets me to the correct page but the link I clicked ' - Facebook' brought  a 'page not found' message. His website is still online. There is a wordpress blog targetedindivisualsuk that is doing very well on the results page of Google yet visiting the blog there's nothing on it. There is a link to a website he has that does have some info on his targeting. Benjamin Lee-Armstrong is another person from London (aside from myself) claiming to be a target for organised stalking and harassment.
8th March 2017: Listening to James O'Brien this morning but didn't catch the whole programme as I had to ride home from my sleepover but did download the show later and will listen to it in its entirety. Unsurprisingly he did a phone-in about the latest leaks from not the N.S.A but the C.I.A. and I took this as my cue to contact him via LBC's website so filled out the site's webform reminding him of me and providing him a link to my new web - this one. I don't know why I so want to convince him of what's going on (the neverending stalking and harassment.... and torture?) but it really is a futile hope. I will have to admit defeat and mean it this time. I really cannot get through his strangely closed mind on this. I did hear him mention the Stephen Lawrence case regarding covert cameras and wonder whether he'd read that on my web. The way he mentioned it was that he personally remembers seeing it on tv so whether my web jogged his memory or not is neither here nor there because the only reference I did hear on his show and possibly aimed at me is that I'm a prune! I'm definitely beginning to take on that wrinkled look so he is correct in that respect. A previous reference - again I'm fairly certain was aimed at me - was a phrase he used a few times on one of his shows after I had contacted him in person in the hope of getting him on board regarding this secret programme but all I heard was 'neuro linguistic programming', a phrase incidentally I've never used. James, I give up. Mr O'Brien's mention of covert surveillance of the suspects in the Stephen Lawrence case and my (and others) being called a prune can be heard here. I dare say some of the conspiracy theorists James gets on his show may well have over active imaginations and the prune insult - very mild to what I receive daily - is possibly valid
10th March 2017: Almost can't control my excitement. I had two visitors to my surveillance state UK web today. One from the USA (Minneapolis) and the other London. The USA visitor - I do understand the visitor could be from anywhere in the world but the IP address is in Minnesota - looked at page 9 which is my recommended page on what to read or watch with regards to Organised stalking and harassment. The second visitor had seen enough after looking at the home page and page 2
14th March 2017: Received my business cards yesterday. This second design is a big improvement on the first (see above) and the card is better quality too with less flex than the first batch but I did pay more.
my surveillance state uk dot org business cards delivered on 13th March 2017
Much happier with this design. It's not perfect but significantly better and more readable than my last. They don't look as vibrant as they do here (the camera does lie) but they're suitable for my needs. But who gets offered one of my special business cards? LBC presenter James O'Brien will not be on my card offering list as I have given up trying to break through his oddly closed naive mind on this subject. He has the brain the size of Jupiter yet maddeningly refuses to understand how this programme of harassment and stalking can occur here. One day James your eyes will be opened. It won't improve your already negative perception of me - no doubt that will become greater - but it will have you re-evaluate your world view and you will become more jaded with it
16th March 2017: On my way out of the flat I'm on the ground floor about to exit when Dad of the century enters. Haven't seen him for a long time though his sadistic presence is felt daily along with his feral family and missus. We eyed each other, I said something uncomplimentary and ended by saying "are you going to call the cops again" as he did the last time we met when I took a photo of his grinning face. Taking photographs in public is allowed.... at the moment. I have a photo of his wife or partner and kids but he's been absent and I don't want him and his family to be allowed to get away with the four plus years of harassment, sleep deprivation and surveillance fun they've been up to since moving in. After taking my photo (which was blurred and unusable) he followed me up the stairs and asked why I took the photo. I said he was a "piece of work, fuck off" and 30 minutes later two cops arrive! Does this State goon (and his family) have the Police in his pocket because of his (their) special role in harassing, sleep depriving and surveilling me every day? It's (this family and the Police) not a healthy relationship and surely something must give probably. As I state now and then on this and the web I've had seven-eight years and counting of being a target for this never ending ordeal. Does not one person involved - willingly or not -  ever think to themselves when they're on their own - maybe at home in bed - '...this guys been put through the wringer. He hasn't topped himself yet which is a bit of a surprise if a tad frustrating. How much humiliation, harassment and daily hounding can a guy take? He's a shadow of his former self, now quite ugly, not quite disabled physically but getting there and he's been fucked over eternally. He's not quite the dirty fucking wanker he was and he might give up attending protests to photograph so let's leave the poor fucker alone. Enough is enough....'
I guess that internal conversation hasn't nor ever will take place. Is it because they (the Police that do know about organised stalking and harassment and take part one way or another) are bound by something? It certainly isn't the oath of allegiance to the Queen all cops swear to

18th March 2017: Just two visitors to my web and that's a good day! One is from Italy (E4a S.r.l) and uses He/she/it has visited a few times before and today I clicked on the anonymizeme link for the first time. Was not expecting to be taken to a Youtube video. It was called 'slither to' about a voracious worm with a considerable appetite! Hope it's NOT infected my laptop. Is that possible via a Youtube vid? link on my statcounter hits
22nd March 2017: Listening back to some of the nightly and early morning epithets from my stalking fraternity and I'm reminded that though the sexual insults are the main fare there is an end game. There's the usual stuff such as 'wanker', 'paedophile' (usually pronounced by my stalkers and harassers as 'pedophil' or pedaphile') and 'weirdo' but in amongst the everyday fodder today I hear "it's over". Does that mean no more deliberate sleep interference every night? No more ridicule, humiliation and threats? No more covert surveillance? No more harmful attacks with secret weapons that may be in use but also might not? No more hassle, stalking, monitoring and anything else by by scary family sadistic neighbours at No7? What's that? Not the end of my ordeal but signalling the end for me. Thanks for clearing that up. Two other memorable quotes are "better off dead you creep" and "no escape" but they were past phrases aimed my way, the former sang by a cyclist as he passed the block and the latter mis-said by a female waiting for me at a bus stop in the Old kent road. She actually said "no escope" but I forgive her for fluffing her lines coz I'm basically a good person...................unlike my fucking stalkers
1st April 2017: Parked and initially slept in Octavius street. Woke around 2.30am to voices from a group. Couldn't see anyone but heard weirdo so will asssume they were out this early hour for me. I'm less worried for me than my sister's car so I drove to another area to finish my sleep. I had been here once before and that reason was not necessarily to just get some decent uninterrupted sleep. My sleep was OK and as I left the car to walk saw a smily face picture attached to the wire fence across the road from me. There were words also and they read: 'Smile you are on camera'. I don't recall seeing this on my one previous visit and I had secured my bike to a gate yards away at the time. Had this been put up especially for moi? Ever paranoid but rightly so and correct the majority of the time I do believe this might have been for my benefit. Well fuck me! Well, in truth I've been fucked over for the last 7 years and continue to get fucked every day thanks to the Police and all involved in this programme. I took a photo and also filmed it for posterity. Someone had also placed one of my cards next to it :)
smile you are on camera notice in St Johns south east London
5th April 2017: Committed a cardinal sin with regards (my) Organised Stalking and harassment/Gangstalking. It has been said online that should you go to the Police regarding any aspect of this one of the possible outcomes is your being referred to mental health services. I knew this before meeting up with two police officers via an appointment made at my local police station in Peckham and yes indeedy I did get referred to mental health services in a sly manouvre by the cops. The reason for that referral? I asked for them to investigate the obvious and provable (I had proof) stigmatisation that was spreading virus like from my neighbourhood to far beyond. Seemed a very reasonable request to me given one of the words used to describe me by all sorts of people, young and old was and still is.....paedophile. But no they would not be able to help but they will slyly (to help in any cover up perhaps) forward my name to mental health and hope that puts an end to my meddling in their work. That was last year and I go into a bit more detail on page 8. I will admit seeing the underhanded machinations of the State in action was very sobering and a bit of a shock.Your world becomes very dark very quickly. Having had time to digest this I thought it a good time to write to a psychiatrist I met just the one time recently :) The meeting was not about me should you have got the wrong end of the stick. I was present as a memory jogger and potential irritant, the latter not intentional but I can annoy as I butt in sometimes on someone elses behalf. I hand wrote in my nicest handwriting a two page letter and placed that in an envelope with one of my newish business cards which can be seen above in the 14th March post. I checked my stats daily after handing in the letter to see whether there had been any visitors to my Surveillance State UK web and on day three or four someone had visited each page. The site has been up since February and I rarely get visits - much like my web - so to see this I deduced the Shrink had taken a look. There's been no contact however. Why get in touch with a psychiatrist? I've tried the conventional routes such as the media but am always ignored. I know anyone reading my letter, reading my web and visiting the links and my video will know I'm not delusional. But why not contact me? The web visit was not from London but from within one of England's counties.

Getting back from my sleepover in the car I notice while doing a bit of stretching and light jogging in my room (gotta keep moving in the flat or mystery aches will appear) it feels as though someone has punched me hard in the upper back, right side. Have tried thinking back to possible causes but nothing stands out.
9th April 2017: There was a phone call made yesterday (Sunday) to our landline but I never answer calls and wait for the answering machine to kick in and 99% of the time no message is left. Dialling 1471 to find out who might have rang, the helpful operator who doesn't like chit chat or small talk ;)  told me a number was given and as usual I entered it into a Google search. Many of these numbers are scam calls but this number (007039714853) wasn't recognised. I rarely receive mail at my photoslondon or surveillancestateuk web addresses but did recently and it was from another target of organised stalking and harassment or that was how he/she described him or herself. Was it him/her getting in touch? Maybe it was MI5 or MI6 (do their phone numbers start with 007 ;)

10th April 2017: No reply after my getting in touch with a Shrink. Will there be a plot to have me sectioned and if so how will they explain away the stalking and stigmatisation? Alternatively I may just be ignored as I have from everyone else aside from those others being targeted and those carrying out or orchestrating the targeting
24th April 2017: I receive government handouts which are paid directly into my bank and have been for many a year. I receive two payments, one is called Income Support and that is paid fortnightly. The other is Carer's allowance which is paid weekly. I noticed the Income Support was late by at least three days so rang the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) office via their non Freephone number. I was told the payment had been suspended and the reason given was a conflict of addresses. Say what!!! Apparently they have NO knowledge or evidence of me living at the current address which I have for the last four years yet oddly do have my brother as living here.... and I'm his carer! How can that be? Why has this suddenly come about? There has been incompetence in the past where overpayments have been made to our Landlord (Notting Hill Housing Group) and yet i/we are blamed for their incompetence. The overpayments - which have been in the thousands of pounds - have occurred twice. I now have to visit the local Job Centre in Peckham to prove I'm living here. That's no problem as I have the proof but why has this come about? The guy I spoke to who was helpful and seemed as baffled as I am (he works at the Stratford London office) said he'd undone the payment suspension so hopefully I will see some money in my account very soon. Innocent blunders or something nore untoward going on? UPDATE: Whoever I spoke to on the phone today has come through for me (THANK YOU) and I now have the income support payment(s) in my account. YEEeeeeeeeHHHaaa

My legs were getting warm as I did some gentle jogging indoors and I was reminded as I lifted the right leg of my jogging bottoms of the disfiguring veins appearing from the knee down. They began - as did the rest of my unexplained muscle and bone aches and burning - back in early 2013. The right side of my lower leg is almost hairless (from the burning sensations each night or when I lay down?) and veins are snaking along the side and front of that leg. The side of my left lower leg is not hairless and does not suffer with the veins seen on the right side. I can't prove what I believe might be responsible for my chronic aches, burning sensations, health downturn and veins (legs and head) but if my hunch is correct it is indeed a deeply troubling matter that the public should be very very concerned about.

26th April 2017: On my way home from a shopping trip in Victoria I'm less than a minute from the flat when a female cycles past with toddler in a seat at the back. Is this the same bike rode by a guy who sang up to the flat back in 2015 or 16 "better dead you creep"? I caught up with her and she stopped as I asked whether her partner also rode this bike with the toddler on the back. She said yes so I thought by handing my business card she - and her singing partner wishing me well - might learn a little of what's really going on. Nothing ventured.....

28th April 2017: I purchased the domain name (snapshot of that site back in 2013 here) back in 2011 to try to capitalise on the zillions of tv clips recorded to satisfy my visual cortex (yes, that's a euphemism) and hope some much needed money could be made from people with a similar appetite for celebrity females on tv who might be happy to sign up and pay a subscription to my web. That web never got off the ground though I did make a brief attempt but I hadn't and haven't a clue about web design or programming languages so gave up. The recorded and edited television clips were of course copyrighted so making money from them would have been dubious at best though I did consider bypassing any copyright issues by stating the subscriptions were admin fees or to cover various costs and time involved which could have worked possibly...... or possibly not. All by the by now but I have uploaded many of those clips to one of my Youtube channels titled quite correctly 'objectified'. You can visit that channel here.
  I kept the domain which auto renewed annually until a week ago when it didn't renew and the reason something to do with my contact info. This contact information never prevented the domain renewing in the past so why now? I've lost my password to login to to renew it manually and filling in the 'forgot password' box I'm taken to another box asking for my answer to a question I must have given years ago on the domains purchase and which I've also lost since. Have contacted both and to tell them I would like to renew my domain(s) ( is also on their servers) but three days on no response. The 'Whois' re here:

12th May 2017: Contacted Enom again on the 4th May re how I can renew my domain(s) and as before received an auto reply but it's the 12th now and still nothing. One would have thought they'd be happy for anyone to renew their domains yet I get no response whatsoever. Are they being nudged into non-action?

14th May 2017: Our washing machine is malfunctioning and thanks to my brother's savings we can afford a new one which is being delivered tomorrow. To prepare for its arrival I started removing the storage bits and pieces in the utility room where the washing machine resides and will be used. Finally able to get at the old machine to take out of the room and was shocked to see the state of the pipes on the wall behind which is part of the heating system. A few of the plastic taps have melted and there's a lot of corrosion on the pipes and a leak as well. We recently had the toilet repaired as there was a 24/7 after flush. This had gradually increased from a few seconds to 24/7 over the period of around a year. Also the narrow windows in my bedroom, a room I don't sleep in any more - in fact I don't sleep in the flat at all now - is cracked on the inside and has been for a few years. I did report it at the time (I heard it cracking live ;) but nothing was done after it was inspected. I could have chased it up but it hasn't bothered me. This flat does seem to be somewhat cursed....... much like myself.

16th May 2017: Noticed on looking around my sleepover this morning that there's a dent on the roof and a screw fully screwed into one of the cars tyres. Are these signs of sabotage?

31st May 2017: I'm reminded as I work on my laptop about the weirdness not just from the horrible fuckers in the flat below (flat 7) but also from the family opposite. The kids have been banging and making all manner of noise including opening their flat door umpteen times and shouting. I get my audio recorder which I haven't used in the flat for a while and as soon as I place it down on the floor ALL noise stops. Weird or weird? It's not the first time this has happened and I'm not sure when No10 decided to visit the dark side along with my main protagonists at No7, the latter harassing (various means with noise), monitoring and targeting my sleep every night and early morning when I slept in the flat with the use of aids since moving in 3-4 years ago. I'm no longer shattered every day as I was when I slept in the flat.

6th June 2017: Have just read another 'punch in the guts' article about Organised Stalking and Harassment I found via Google which is in much the same vein as the infamous NYTimes one. It's on VICE'S Motherboard whatever that is and can be read here or the full web address:
Why do 'experts' and 'journalists' not want to look beneath the facade of disinformation or are they paid to be just biased placing ALL of us in the loony category or is it they cannot stomach the idea this is actually happening in their own country - land of the free?

14th June 2017: Decided to copy over from my web the Police Whistsleblowers required page. Despite my suspicions of their involvement in my personal harassment I do have a lot of respect for our Police Service though not to the degree I did :) Obviously I don't know to what degree the Police know or take part in Organised Stalking and Harassment but I'm hoping very little.

3rd July 2017: Visited my site's tracker (Statcounter) and was surprised not only to get a visitor but WHAT a visitor!!! The FBI no less. Fucking Hell. Should I be impressed or worried?  Just realised the website visited was to my web rather than this but I do have a few pages on Gangstalking there or was it to investigate my encounter with shapeshifting aliens in London?

6th July 2017: Called in person to the front door of the buiding I hand posted last week my latest attempt to get some organisation to understand and publish a real account of what is going on vis a vis Organised Stalking and Harassment. No-one beating a path to me to learn more and in fact there was no one other than the friendly and very attractive receptionist who let me in. I was told if anyone was interested they'd be in touch and since I haven't received any reply assume for whatever reason they're not interested. I won't name them just yet but will do should I hear nothing within the next week.

19th July 2017: saw a new video yesterday - well I watched part of it - on gangstalking and thougfht I'd add a comment. Received a reply under the video from the video maker (The Overdose Talk Show) which was quite funny


BBC - BRITISH BROADCASTING COMPANY (Portland/Langham Place, London W1A 1AA)
(124 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2TX)
(Kings Place, 90 York Way, Kings Cross London N1 9GU)
(main and personal contact with JAMES O'BRIEN twice- Leicester Square, London W1)  
(Carlisle Street London W1)

2nd August 2017:
not for the first time my brother enters my room and asks if I can hear some noise. Usually it's the banging down stairs but today it's the flat opposite (No10 Dayak Court). The noise in this instance is whistle blowing - not to be confused with the noble cause of whistleblowing. I hadn't heard much as I was playing back some files and listening intently to them and I had the door shut. I turn down the speaker volume and indeed someone next door is playing some sort of flute or recorder or even a Penny Whistle and as I know from previous experience anticipated what would happen should I try to record this. I crept into the hallway and laid the recorder inside our flat door and began recording with my Sony voice recorder and immediately there's a cessation of noise :) Can not only my neighbours at 7 Dayak Court 'see me' but Flat 10 too? I wouldn't rule out Flat 3 either.

5th August 2017: I'm trying to upload videos to my photos web today but any video I try to upload at some point in the upload a page will dispay stating 'This site can't be reached, the connection was reset'. Consequently I haven't been able to upload anything. I've been uploading quite a lot of videos over the last 3-4 days so maybe my Internet provider (TalkTalk) is taking action

6th August 2017: Did upload the videos that couldn't be uploaded yesterday so all good. Left the flat for my sleep quite early - just after watching the women's 100m race in the World champs - so around 10.05pm. I probably got to sleep well before midnight yet leaving the car to go back to the torture chambers this morning after 11am I still felt tired. I normally feel quite OK after my sleep but today inexplicably not. Maybe my fans were more persistent in saying hello or some other reason caused my continuing tiredness (it's 1.29pm).  On exiting the car to walk to my bike I am usually achy in my legs and walking isn't a pleasure but I improve into the walk.

7th October 2017: I feel unsafe working at home on editing my videos. I can't sit, stand or lay down without the onset of burning, heat and aches often within minutes(are these the reason for veins appearing on my legs and head and osteoarthritis like symptoms?).  So I visited the library and completed many edits over a two or more hour period and guess what? Correct, no heat, no aches. But then there were no demons underneath me as there are in the flat (torture chambers).

12th October 2017: Looks as though my gangstalking neighbours, neighbours that for four years targeted my sleep daily, carried out a campaign of noise harassment and much else connected with their ugly fucking mercenary ways are moving out. I've had to sleep in parks, sleep rough and currently have been sleeping in a car - though I'm still found and harassed when sleeping outside - and all because this family of fucking demons necessitated it. And now they're moving away..... to a peaceful and happy future?

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