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 It is a fact those that attend protests can and do receive ‘special’ attention from the Police and maybe the Intelligence agency MI5. Police with (professional or higher end) camcorders would often be present at the London protests I attended though as individual police officers now wear camera recorders the former may now not be needed though the wearable cams won't have the resolution nor more importantly a zoom lens so maybe hand held camcorders are still in use. As I no longer attend protests nor take photos in general I cannot answer. My attendance at the G20 London protest in April of 2009, being Kettled (temporary outdoor imprisonment) and taking photos of everyone: protestors, police, riot police, Press and anyone else of photographic interest may have sown the bad seeds that has led to this ongoing Human Rights breaching programme, one that no-one has heard about nor seems to care about given I’ve been ignored by the majority of British Organisations I stupidly and naively believed would investigate but instead receive silence. Should the truth of Organised Stalking and Harassment finally come to light or enter the Public domain - I won’t hold my breath - it would be very interesting to learn what excuses are made by said Organisations on why the vow of silence. Maybe they are of the same mindset as the author of this piece of crap published in the NYtimes paper. Was this just lazy journalism or was Mr Mike McPhate asked to deliberately write a piece using someone that looks frankly unwell, relate his story and label us all  (those of us at that are genuinely being targeted rather than the mis and disinformationers that abound online) as delusional and paranoid? Over to you Mike!

You cannot write a quality unbiased article on Organised Stalking and Harassment by reading a few blogs and watching a few Youtube videos

  Read about Police databases at the BBC website here

 You may find it unpalatable and indeed difficult to believe such a programme as Organised stalking and harassment exists here in Blighty and other democracies that include Canada and the USA...or possibly not if you’re more experienced in the ways of the political world, corruption of power and some of the narcissistic and psychopathic individuals that hold sway over us all. History has taught us such programmes are not new and government's around the world don’t always have our best interests when allowing illegal experiments, false flag operations and virtually unknown updated versions of the Stasi’s Zersetzung to exist under the noses of an unwitting and sadly ignorant population. What I do find shocking is the ease of getting or coercing ordinary people to take part in the various harassments though the Milgram experiment did show humans are quite capable of showing a hidden sadism or capacity to torture but wars around the world have always proved we can be horrifically savage and sub-human. Currently and for the last four years of living in this flat my neighbour below has been participating with his family in accurately targeting my sleep multiple times each night and morning. But being deliberately sleep deprived is not the only form of attack. Noise harassment through the day and evening is another relished task as is banging underneath wherever I may be - kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom. How is this all accomplished? Do they have supernatural powers? I don't believe in God, daemons, faeries or ghosts but I do of course believe in Father Christmas. The answer then is not demonic powers but technology. How does an ordinary sociopathic family like the one in the flat below get their evil hands on the tech needed to carry out the daily and nightly (mostly) psychological operations? The Police or more darker units affiliated to the Police? Intelligence agencies? I agree the above sounds highly implausible but having lived through this both at the old flat (also in Peckham and where this began) you will have to take it on trust I am NOT deluded or suffering from a psychotic illness and this weird dystopian existence I inhabit is true and scarily real. If you have watched my videos which I've added to the newly revised home page (as of October 2017) you will have witnessed some evidence of a few (definitely not all) of the elements used in my personal programme and they are stigmatisation, stalking and harassment though the audio files may be testament that surveillance hardware is being used by my demonic neighbours.


Coincidence or not, having shown two police officers from Peckham Police Station (Ryan and Jamie) who visited the flat in late September (2017) some of my video evidence and also handing them a memory card with the same evidence plus some audio evidence of what the neighbours get up to in their efforts to wake me, the gangstalking family (Father of the evil brood - Negash Teshome who owns a traditional black taxi with the number plate LP64  UET and wicked evil witch of a wife and their brainwashed children) living at flat 7, Dayak Court, Peckham London SE15 3RF have recently moved out. Did the evidence prompt this move? It's October 24th as I type and the police officers have not been in contact since that last visit!

on the right is a handheld radar gun used by some American Police forces. It has so-called see-through walls capabilities but would not be able to properly see a person inside as though there was no wall between it and the person. It can however detect a persons breathing at a 50 feet distance (quite impressive). I don't believe this is what is used on me and it seems primitive in its ability to 'see' . Either this deplorable and depraved family have far more advanced tech loaned to them or my flat (torture chambers) has been visited by technicians who are able to install covert cameras which allows my neighbours (and probaby others) to have a front row seat watching a real world version of the Truman show or watch and harass (torture even) a human lab rat in his flat! Pic courtesy of  

other forms of covert spying tech here


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