my personal experience of Britain's Surveillance State in London and beyond
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 Can't be sure of the time a new sinister addition to the day and night harassment began other than it appeared in late 2012 and because I cannot prove it I will almost skip over what did lead to my learning about the Organised stalking/harassment programme. This scary addition would only make its presence known as I slept or tried to sleep. What I will say is it became a regular nightly occurrence and creeped me out. As with the more typical means of waking me with targeted noise, I tried in vain to avoid it by sleeping in other parts of the flat.  I do know some weeks or months of enduring this my health dipped considerably. I developed aches in my feet, ankles, knees and hips and I was and still am plagued by some aches - feet, knees, hips and also by burning sensations and more aches on parts of my body in contact with whatever I slept or lay on. Blood tests, X-Rays and even a MRI scan were done and as my aches (not the burning) seemed to mimic the symptoms of Osteoarthritis these tests were to confirm or not whether I now had this. I was under the very good care of the Rheumatology department at King’s College Hospital in Camberwell and after some months of attendance the confirmation was given.... I DON’T have Osteoarthritis. So I know what I don’t have but what is it I do have and more importantly perhaps is what caused these aches which 5+ years on I still have? The burning sensations and heat also have the Doctor’s stumped and the nearest condition to possibly explain these is Static Mechanical Allodynia. Within the same year (2013) I also developed veins around the side of my head, on my lower legs. knees and the few that I did have on my feet became legion!

As I stated in the previous paragraph whatever that stealthy almost silent night intruder was it did direct me to learning about the minefield that is Organised Stalking and harassment/Gangstalking/Targeted Individuals - each of these terms interchangeable and meaning the same thing. I say minefield because it takes time to learn and understand Disinformation is the major enemy for those of us genuinely on the receiving end of the mostly psychological elements used daily and no end in sight. I’ve read blogs, watched lots of Youtube videos and 4 plus years on it’s still not always easy to distinguish who is genuine and who might be part of the disinformation campaign. Any mention of reptilians, bloodlines and satanists and other outthere subjects linking them to Organised stalking and harassment immediately arouses suspicion and incredulity alerting my ‘perpometer’, an inbuilt bullshit detector which isn’t foolproof but it’s all I can rely on and is based on the hundreds of hours watching and reading the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous.

DISINFORMATION-the art of discrediting an individual

 Not wanting to give anyone the excuse to section me but being deprived of my sleep via deliberate thumping or banging or slamming from the scum below and maybe they too were responsible for the very strange nightscape invader I decided to sleep outside so purchased a sleeping bag and initially tried a few areas in central London before settling in a local park. I ride every time I leave torture chambers, be it the flat we lived where it all started (torture chambers No1 between 2009-2013) or the current flat (torture chambers No2) where at least one family, who coincidentally also live in the flat directly below and who carry out the same Modus Operandi of watching (spying), noise disturbance, sleep targeting and making you aware you’re being watched as well as being prime suspects for alerting others when I leave the flat. So began my nightly exits with sleeping bag to ride and sleep in a less conspicuous part of the park.


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