my personal experience of Britain's Surveillance State in London and beyond
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"... they (the Police) have got much too big for their boots and started to think they are judge, jury and executioner" Peter Hitchens


        Aside from some of the other not overly praiseworthy names (f*cking freak and weirdo the milder insults) sent my way one has to ask how did these insults and the paedophile tag stick so well? If the horror story of my private moments being aired to the whole world has occurred how has that happened and who the feck did it? The why is that it is one of the elements used in the programme of Organised Stalking and Harassment. Slander and smear campaigns are a very helpful part of this. Some of the ordinary (though very smart) people that post on Youtube make mention of the smear campaigns.and a good example of this is at the Youtube link from 'Ramola D reports'. Also on the same video is Ramola and Karen (Stewart) talking about Voice of God of Voice2skull technology. If you haven't heard about it, voice to skull technology allows a voice or voices to be directed to a person giving one of the effects of the severe mental illness of Schizophrenia - a voice or voices in the head. I saw a demonstration of this many years ago on a local London news programme where a guy was in a library and on the first floor and he directed voices soundlessly to library users below who were naturally taken aback at the temporary voice in their head. Unfortunately I can't find this footage online but if you watch and listen to Ramola's video from from 40.35 minutes to 42.10 you will hear about the military technology and how after publishing about it they decided to pull any evidence of it but not before copies were downloaded and saved by a few. But I've digressed again, on with the seediness. I have the blood draining feeling there is more than mere tittle tattle in my case regarding the various insults spoken, shouted and sometimes sang my way. If true is this not one of the most humiliating things that could ever happen to a person? Below are some very frank statements. Are you ready?

 Have I f*cked a child?

Look, you f*ck one child and you're tarnished for life. As you let that statement sink in....... your (out)rage ready to explode I better apologise for attempting sick humour which possibly even Frankie Boyle may shun away from. Yes that was a flippant and objectionable remark about a truly horrific thing. I thought I would start with something to shock to open your ears and eyes up sufficiently. Job done, any molestation of or worse regarding children is of course inexcusable and horrific. Whether you see paedophilia as an illness or not what we do know is some of those with this condition can be extremely dangerous. Do all paedophiles have the capacity to harm children? I have no idea, that's one for the mind people to answer, ones specialising in this controversial field. So I will continue in the somewhat controversial vein with those frank statements of FACT

So have I f*cked a child?

NO is the correct answer.

I don't know what the definition of a child is in British Law. Is a 15, 16 or seventeen year young person a child? I can only speak for myself but I would say I'd be more horrified to hear a toddler has been sexually assaulted compared to a teen. In NO way am I saying it's less traumatic for a teen (or anyone else) to be assaulted but it just seems more shocking the younger a person is. Sexual molestation and rape of anyone is WRONG. No ifs or buts.

Have I molested a child or anyone?

No is the correct answer.

Have I downloaded any child abuse images?

No is the correct answer.

 Have I groomed any child...... or anyone?

No is the correct answer... seeing any pattern?

Maybe I have selective memory (loss) but surely something as heinous as what I've supposed to have done would have registered with me? I've done some things I'm deeply ashamed of but none of the above yer 'onour. Do I have a criminal record? No again. Yet as I try to go about my daily existence I’m treated almost as if I’m a latter Day Jimmy Savile and by that I don’t mean I’m revered everywhere I go by young and old but how you might treat him had he not died and knowing what we know now about him. When not getting insults by innocent community spirited people or those taking an active part as part of the programme you probably refuse to acknowledge exists I’m harassed by other means including having my sleep deliberately targeted, noise harassment, being covertly watched and I’m followed outside among other things and technology an essential aid to accomplish all this. But who is coordinating it? Is it more than one organisation? If I have been covertly and illegally surveilled inside the old flat (I have) at Bath Close Peckham London SE15 2JP and still being monitored in the new (11 Dayak Court, 37 Brayards Road, London SE15 3RF), maybe the film equivalent of Photoshopping has taken place?

Noam Chomsky quote on government's prime enemy being its own population A.D.Ross quote about democracy and society he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone

How are neighbours approached and inducted into this programme - ultimately it is neighbours having such close proximity and 24/7 ‘access’ that gives them a special status but they still have to be convinced to take part, adhere to instruction and do it regularly and frankly I don’t have words for those living in the flat below. Why? Simply because they’re a family and if you knew what I know you should be shocked that the parents have not only agreed to take part but sanction using their children to watch, harass and help in the frequent deliberate and targeted wake up calls and much else via noise and swearing and with the very necessary and essential aid(s) of technology. So does a Copper (slang for Police offficer should any non-Brits be reading) or other official person turn up at their door one day and say:

We need your valuable assistance, there’s a wrong’n going to move in to the flat above you. He watches far too much television, goes out to take photos now and then; visits the cemetery with his brother and sister every few weeks and rides his bike almost daily. Oh and he also has some dirty, dirty habits the nasty man. He has an unhealthy obsession with females on tv so is a bit of a perv. We’ll pay you a regular retainer, provide you with essential equipment for the tasks and send someone around once in a while to assess how things are going and see how you are dealing with all this. We really want to f*ck this guy big time. We’ve already made a great start but we want to continue to f^ck him over every day of his sorry arsed life and with your significant help we can accomplish that goal. He’s already a laughing stock, ridiculed, harassed and hounded wherever he goes and with your help it might just tip him over the edge sooner rather than later. Remember, your (new) country needs you. Are you in? Great.”

 Far fetched? I don’t think so. I


 The sick, bored and paid hired hands like my neighbours (Negash Teshome and family at the current address and Daniel Mesfin at the previous one) will carry on stalking, harassing and covertly destroying my life regardless and it probably won't make any difference to them that this is a worldwide programme affecting good, honest ordinary (some perhaps extraordinary) people. Some of these people might also be subjected to electronic assaults with hardware that certain agency's will give the pat response "we can neither confirm or deny" if asked whether such tech is in use. The classifified hardware I am talking about includes the use of so-called non lethal weapons and voice to skull technology among others. I have never been on the receiving end of voice2skull or V2K technology but as a once fit person can't rule out radar based hardware or any other that could have contributed to the significant health decline from earcly 2013 (Osteoarthritis like symptoms and also heat and gnawing aches to parts of my body in contact with the ground or generally facing south as well as the onset of veins on my legs and head).


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