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As of March 20th 2017 my already minimal recommendations are dwindling as bloggers or website authors go silent. What's happening?

Recommending the blogs and videos from people having their lives destroyed by the various tried and trusted elements of this highly organised slow-kill(?) programme which with the addition of new technology - not just the ubiquitous mobile phone but 'helpful' surveillance aids and anything else they might have at their disposal is not an exact science. There's a good probability my recommendations are valid but the disinformationers will and do throw up obvious nonsense (aliens, bloodlines...) but I feel they will also add videos that come across as ringing true. The website disseminates the good and the bad far better than I ever could and is perhaps the best resource on Organised Stalking/harassment and I will heartily recommend you visit.
  What is very frustrating is that some of those people that I followed via their blog, website or Youtube videos have gone silent. No more updates and no more videos. Why is this? Were they genuine after all? Have they gone 'off grid' or has something more sinister accounted for their absence? On a previous page or two I have mentioned how disinformation (read article on JTRIG) helps foster the discrediting of people. Do any search of Organised stalking and harassment, gangstalking or Targeted Individuals and you'll see a wide and wacky array of results which tie in erroneously and deliberately such subjects as aliens, bloodlines, satanists and other disinfo. This is to help you form the opinion we are all loons, paranoid types that are deserving perhaps some sympathy but little else. Judging by the lack of any articles in any mainstream media our plight isn't coming to a news station or newspaper - online or real world anytime soon. The NYtimes were one of the few news outlets to buck the trend with their woefully biased piece and if that's what passes for investigative journalism we are well and truly fucked. Anyway, enough of the postivity and optimsm. Below are links to those on the receiving end of this State sanctioned(?) programme which I believe(d) to be genuine
My personalised SMEAR CAMPAIGN video at YouTube:

Myron May (YouTube) Watching the three videos made by Mr Myron May I was immediately taken with his articulacy and charm. He comes across as a really lovely guy which makes what I learned later so baffling or maybe not if you're being f*cked over 24/7 and see no way out?If I was in a sinilar position and I'm not there yet I would at least go for those I KNOW have taken part in destroying my life rather than take it out on possibly innocent parties which I feel might be the case with Myron's desperate last act.  If you haven't heard of Myron then please visit my link first and watch the three videos in order. It is difficult to understand Myron's actions at trying to bring the subject of Organised Stalking and Harassment to the wider public partuclarly after watching his Youtube videos and perhaps unsurprisingly it has backfired hugely and as with all targets for the Deep State's unknown programme, he and all of us targeted for Gangstalking are seen as delusional paranoid people.

(web blog)
   I followed this blogger. Husband and wife being Gangstalked. The female partner was the author and the blog very readable and articulately written. She went into much detail about the harassments, court cases and the local Santa Cruz Police who were participating in the harassment. I had been in touch a few times over a couple of years. The web link on the left takes you to a page updated to 2012. There was another blog of hers on the same theme that was current up to 2015 but that is no longer online.
Janine Chosen Individual (Youtube) I like Janine. I like her soothing voice too.  She is another religious person and I believe found 'Yeshua' (who?) later in life and is apt to quote from the Bible. She has many good videos. One thing to note about a sizeable selection of Gangstalking Youtube videos hailing from the States is cars. People (like Janine) are followed by drivers when driving to the Mall or other shops.They become sensitised to certain colours, much as I have become sensitised to insults and noise. The videos from people which claim to show the car harassment are I would agree less convincing but in truth I haven't studied them in detail. Such a tactic wouldn't work in London for obvious reasons but if I lived in the countrside I can see how I could get sensitised to this. Driver harassment is not the only tactic used to harass and Janine talks about other elements used  UPDATE: Janine is on a mission to help other (female?) targeted individuals this year (2017) and has a blog/website to try to accomplish just that. Good luck in that venture. How does one help other targets? UPDATE II 19th March 2017: It seems Janine has taken down all her videos on Organised stalking and harassment. All I see now is one video about detoxing and her new banner about being a 'triumphant individual'. However positive I might try to be changing my mindset is NOT going to change the circumstances of my being stalked and harassed daily. Her web has no mention of her previous targeting. UPDATE III  Received a really nice letter from Janine today 25th March 2017. Doubt she will post again on Youtube in the near future and do hope she can move on to a new life not daily blighted by the harassment she and I experience in our separate worlds as targets for this programme.  Unsure how she will overcome the might of evil but maybe her light will prevail over the dark that this programme most certainly is (website) possibly the best resource on Organised stalking and harassment/Gangstalking bar none. UPDATE:This website's author hasn't updated since December 2016. I know nothing about the guy that runs or ran this web. He did give me his name once when I asked  for it but it may have been an alias. If he has family then any disappearance will be noted but if he's single and no family how would we know he's disappeared or been 'disappeared'?  Could someone take over the blog pretending to be him?
Just when I think  things don't look good I visit yesterday (7th May 17) and the site's been updated!
Gangstalking ~ what every T.I. should listen to (Youtube) Video poster Eldon Brown this is a loooooong video at 1 hour 13 minutes  but certainly not the longest by a long chalk as some can be over 3 hours though these tend to have more than one person. The speaker - Renata Murry touches on much that we as targets endure. She does move into less certain territory occasionally (New World Order) but on the whole worth a listen. There could well be a cabal of elitists wanting to rule the world though an unhinged individual with considerable power (can't say I know of anyone fitting that description ;) and  unquenchable need to dominate everything might also want to muscle in on any action going, who is to know so you can't casually use such phrases as N.W.O. (New World Order) and the Elite and Illuminatis as  though it's a given or fact. Am I just gullible?
Dr Mathew Aaron (Youtube)
always good to have a professional person provide some credibility to our cause though you will find even someone with important letters after his or her name could be  part of the disinformation service.  I feel certain Dr Aaron is very genuine. As I've touched on in my pages on Organised Stalking and Harassment, technology gives our stalkers a considerable edge. Communication, spying, evesdropping and harassment can be taken to an unknown level for we the gen pub have no idea what is actually available now and being used secretly on some of the population. The humble mobile phone is obviously used on a street level by our harassers but what else helps keep tabs on those of us targeted? See-through walls radar is one potential candidate but I am sure there is something far better than this in use so some covert spying is going on but what is used? Dr Aaron talks about some  of the technology he was made aware of in this lengthy question and answer session.
Jeremy Cline (Youtube) Jeremy might well be onto something regarding our stalkers and harassers and possible torturers  communicating with each other online logging in to specific webs where info can be shared etc. It is only a theory and he may be way off base
gangstalkingworld.wordpress  (website) nicked (sorry, borrowed) a link or two from the fightgangstalking web and this is one
Matt E Youtube Ella F channel (Youtube) found today (20th May 17)
Chuck Langenberg  (Youtube) found today via a James Harken Youtube video (15th June 2017). Chuck may now be dead and his passing on November 13th 2013. If dead was he murdered?
XKEYSCORE on Intellihub  (website) though the web calls out xkeyscore as a disinfo agent I like much of the work so include a link to the Intellihub web


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